The skys the limit

“The sky’s the limit. This was affectionate of a achieve or breach year for Psyonix and for Rocket Alliance and a lot of moves were fabricated this year. There were a lot of claiming and hopefully next year is a echo of Rocket League Items this year but even added with Epic,” – Kronovi.

“I anticipate Steam is the best platform, but honestly, I’m 100% accept with [moving to the Epic Launcher] if it agency accepting Epic as a backer. Anybody has Fortnite downloaded, whether they’d like to accept it or not. It’s account it for the backing. I anticipate there will be a big arrival of new players, which is acutely adequate for Rocket League,” – GarrettG

“I anticipate we allegation to accept about 16 teams, with four groups of four or two groups of eight with a annular robin or something over a ceremony instead of just a three day event. Afresh you accept the finals Saturday and Sunday,” – Fruity.