Valan religion




There are many gods and goddessess in Vala’s religion.

Siaal – Manifestation of evil


Siaal is the manifestation of evil, God of madness and foul deeds, and the main enemy of other deities and Valas themselves. He is often depicted as a male, since he always assumes the form of a man, or a male animal. Siaal is often assosiated with subterranean and nocturnal animals and especially with underground invertebrates. Many animals are considered as his harbingers, such as worms, ants, bats, pigs and spiders.

Siaal is said to have hundred daughters.

Siaal lives in Void, abyss of darkness and nothingness. Void is his realm and it is also seen as a living thing. Void is said to be ever hungry for mortal souls and apparently feeds from the suffering of Siaal’s victims. It is also said that Siaal is actually Void himself and that the name of his realm is actually one of his many euphenisms.


Siaal’s original form is uknown. Although, he is said to often visit the mortal realm in many forms. Valas dread animals and people, who look like Siaal’s earthly forms.

Man: Siaal can appear as a black-haired man. He is often described as very handsome and tall. He is said to have a soft voice and beautiful golden eyes. He often seduces women and tricks them to bed with him.

Black stag: Siaal can also wander around in a form of black stag. The stag is said to have crimson eyes and large antlers with red roses hanging from them. He often appears in this form to hunters. If killed, the black stag takes the soul of it’s killer with him to the void. If looked in the eye, the stag will turn it’s victims into stone.

Sparrow: He can also torment his victims as a sparrow. Though small and innocent looking, he will whisper into people’s ears and drive them insane, often leading in mass murder and suicide.

Fly: As a fly, Siaal does largely the same thing as a sparrow. This time, he will fly into his victims ear and torment them with horrible visions and words and forcing them to harm others.


According to legend, if Siaal is called by his true name, it will draw his attention to the caller and cause him to torment them. This is why Siaal is often referred by euphenisms. There are hundreds of other names for Siaal. For example, he can pe known as The Evil, Evil, Black Stag, King of Worms, King of Void, Dark Lord and other similar names.


Siaal is viewed as arrogant, proud and conceited being, that wants all the love in the world for himself. He also enjoys causing suffering and pain and oftens toys with his victims. He lurks for people, who’s faith or spirit is weak and forces them to plegde their love and loyalty to him. After that, Siaal usually forces them to kill others and after that kill themselfes.

Siaal’s main goal is to drive all Valas from the path of light into his abyss of darkness. He feeds from the souls of his victims and wishes to become the sole ruler of all realms. In Valan legends, Siaal often plots against other gods and goddessess in attempts to kill and ursurp them.

It’s said, that Siaal’s wickedness has no match and that he is the father of all pain and injustice in the world.


Siaal has hundred daughters and three sons. According to legend, they were all born from mortal mothers, whom Siaal had raped.

His daughters are considered as evil spirits or demons, that wander between worlds, causin harm and bad luck. They can also possess people, causing them to fall ill or act abnormal. Like their father, calling Siaal’s daughters by name will summon them to the caller. The daughters cannot be seen since they are invisible, but they can be heard and felt. They are often sensed as subtle breaths of wind and barely distinguished whispers.

Siaal’s sons are the three fiends, that lurk in the shadows of three elements. They don’t mentally attack people, like their sisters. Intsead, they kill and eat their victims, that are usually women and girls.

Sauehet was born, when Siaal raped a hunters wife while in his stag form. The woman then gave birth to a half-stag half-human abomination, who was cast out into the forest by the hunter. Sauehet is described as a man with stag’s head and hooves as feet. He is believed to live under Makaito and to come out at night to feed. Sauehet’s favourite prey are young girls and beautiful women.

Echillor is a snake-like sea monster that bursted out of his valan mother’s stomach while she was fishing from the shore. He then fell to the sea and decided to claim it as his home. Echillor is said to be over 30 meters long and he is often depicted as a snake, or eel-like animal. Echillor is said to eat only women, and he wander the seas, sinking ships in attempt to find women on them to feed.

Onysias is the result of Siaal raping a valan princess. Onysias is a bird fiend that looks like a giant owl with the structure of an amsir. He has hands and feet and he walks like an amsir. He has giant wing in his back and Onysias is said to fly in the sky during full moon, looking for young girls. Onysias not only craves the flesh of young girls. He also craves their love. Occasionally, Onysias may kidnap a specially beautiful girl and attempt to rape and marry her.


Messiagne – Goddess of beauty


Messiagne is considered the most beautiful amongst deities. In fact, she is said to be so beautiful that her beauty will blind anyone who looks at her. That is why Messiagne hides her face, making her the easiest deity to tell apart. Messiagne is often prayed to in hopes of beautiful looks. Mothers often pray for the beauty of their children.

Messiagne’s husband is Rinel.


Messiagne is dressed in a sky blue dress and she is also wearing a mask. In her right hand she holds a waterlily and in her left hand she has a golden rose, both symbols of beauty. Messiagne also has very pale skin and thick, white hair that extend to her ankles.


Messiagne is often described as rather playfull and full of laughter.


Hores – God of virility

Daphgne – Goddess of nature

Diomones – God of wine

Rinel – God of virtue and discipline

Abetha – Goddess of death

Erie – Goddess of love and fertility

Deus – God of war

Nicta – Goddess of night

Ayteras – God of day