Nebneiris was build as derons’ biggest ambition towards symmetry and perfection. Build in the shape of a

pentagon protected by walls as tall as 12 and wide as 5 meters, effectively blocking attempts to raid or even take a look at the city. There’s only one major gate out of the city and one minor gate, which only allows

people out. Both of the gates are heavily guarded and every visitor and merchant gets inspected carefully.

The city itself is divided in six districts: District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. District 1 stands for the city center and

the rest of the districts run counterclockwise starting with Talon Gate and Wandermore.

District 1

Nebneiris’ finest district is a pure concentration of erudition and order. District 1 contains of City Center, which primary locations and institutes are The Silvyn Academy and Deronian Supreme Court.

➤ Ruled by scholars and high authorities but open to everyone. Mostly derons but valas or even aireys are a familiar sight.


City Center


The Silvyn Academy

The Silvyn Academy has been around since Nebneiris was build. A massive complex in the middle of the city leads the scientific research in Skelbakh. The Silvyn Academy offers free common studies for all derons and for a price to valan students too. The common studies contains mathematics, linguistics and economical studies.

Bachelor and master studies are available to derons only. These programs are significantly harder to get to and require either wealthy family or scholarship earned by one’s intelligence.

Available bachelor’s degrees are:

  • (The Bachelor of Architecture?)
  • The Bachelor of Law
  • The Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • The Bachelor of Mathematics
  • The Bachelor of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Nidarium Studies (a secret line of study, only available through connections)



  • Chancellor
  • Vice-chancellor
  • Professor of Nidarium Studies
  • Professors
  • Masters
  • Bachelors

Deronian Supreme Court


District 2

District 2 is primarily ruled by middle-class and lower middle class. It provides affordable, although tiny and old housings in Wandermore. In the middle of Wandermore’s housing area is Wolf Square, Nebneiris’ busiest market that leads to Talon Gate and quarters, the primary way out of the city.

➤ Ruled by middle and lower class workers and merchants. Population changes quickly and valas and aireys are a very common sight.



Wandermore is known as the most diverse neighborhood  of the whole city. All kinds of travelers are accepted and welcomed to Wandermore’s numerous inns. It’s also quite popular living area among middle class as the apartment’s are affordable and streets usually clean. Although the prizes are low, the apartments are also small. Most of Wandermore’s building are multi-storey buildings filled with one or two room apartments and smaller buildings resemble more community centers than private houses.

Wolf Square

Wolf Square is the biggest and busiest market of Nebneiris. Located directly before Talon Gate Wolf Square is in favor of local middle class consumers and different providers. Around Wolf Square locals are usually the most accepting of outsiders, considering they most likely provide new and interesting products. There’s no permanent constructions as sellers set up their stands every morning. Wolf Square is the best place to buy and sell daily products, mostly food, but it’s also a place to find trinkets.

Wolf Square is loud and unfortunately filthy due to the large amount of people crossing the market daily. Despite the city’s best effort on keeping Wolf Square safe and clean crime still occurs around the market. Even patrols cannot prevent pick pocketing and scams. Due to Wolf Square’s quite shifty reputation upper class usually prefers Vividity for shopping or send servants for purchases.

Talon Gate and quarters

Named after the first deron stands Talon Gate, the main way into Nebneiris. Massive wooden gates are closed after sunset and opened at dawn. During night it’s almost impossible to get to out of the city unless you’re able to convince the guards to open the gates. Concerned of the city’s safety Talon Gate is one of the most guarded spots of Nebneiris.

The gate’s area consist of three lanes, the far left one for departure and middle and far right ones for arrival. Every arriving and leaving cargo and people get closely inspected and recorded. Checking every individual takes a lot of time and therefore gateguarding is one of the most burdensome jobs for authorities. It’s not unusual for the lanes to jam during daytime.

Talon quarters are located directly after the gate. It consist of four buildings, two closest to the gate for closer cargo inspection or detention. Third building is for lockup and gate- and wallguards’ headquarters. Fourth building is the smallest and meant for maintenance and accounting. Talon quarters are protected by metal fence and gate, which is less guarded and the last step between Nebneiris and the rest of the world.

Kanessos Thermae

A place for relaxing and time spending. Kanessos Thermae is not as known nor glorious as valan thermaes but Kanessos is still clearly upper class and popular among deron upper class. Kanessos’ not only for bathing but also a place to socialize, diner and exercise. The thermae is not for just a short trip but to actually spent almost the entire day at the spa.

Kanessos’ two largest buildings are identical but divided between men and women. Bathing rooms are divided to three different rooms: hot room (much like a steam sauna), warm bath and cold bath. On the other side of the building is dressing room and a place for massage. On inner ward is a larger pool and place to exercise and solve puzzles.

The first of the smaller buildings is for maintenance while the other is for lower class customers. The smaller bathing building contains all the rooms that the largest buildings contain but without inner ward and special services and women and men’s bathing rooms not being separated. Even though the bigger spas are for upper and upper middle class only, it’s possible for a lower class citizen to trick themselves in the upper class spas with enough confidence and tidy looks. Sometimes during quieter hours Kanessos’ staff may also allow lower class citizens to bathe in the larger buildings.


District 3

➤ Ruled by upper class and high authority derons. Entry for everyone else is strictly supervised.



District 3’s Glowlight is considered the most glorious living quarters of all Nebneiris. Glowlight is Nebneiris’ pride, build to be perfectly symmetric and even though it consists of some of the oldest buildings of Nebneiris, they’re the most well kept. As only rich and powerful allowed, Glowlight is kept clean and neat. Glowlight has guards hired by upper class guarding around the clock and anyone looking out of place will be questioned and escorted out. District 2 has the reputation of being as safe as the City Centre and it’s the only district besides that that has street lights on all night every day which also is one of the reasons behind Glowlight’s name.

Glowlight is considered quite coherent district but it can still be divided into two areas: Upper Glowlight near City Center and Lower Glowlight by city wall, although Lower Glowlight’s residents usually like to leave the prefix out. It’s obvious that everyone living in Glowlight are richer than anyone should be, but Upper Glowlight contains only the elite of all derons living in Bloom Palace.

Bloom Palace

Arguably the largest living facility of Nebneiris is Bloom Palace and it’s yard. Bloom Palace stands as one of Nebneiris’ oldest buildings. Although it’s experienced multiple renevations it has stayed as majesthetic as it was hundreds of years ago. Bloom Palace is owned by Odera family but due to it’s huge size it’s actually a home for many other families too.


District 4

District 4 is mostly known as a business district and home for upper middle class. It consists of two areas: the trading area Vividity and business and housing area Hirefair which also includes deronian state hospital Mortaina Hospital.

➤ Ruled by middle class and merchants. Other races than derons are a rare sight.



Bright and lively area full of opportunities. Vividy is covered in different boutiques from herb shops to bookstores and diners. Multiple shopping streets are all decked which makes Vividity a great hangout area even during rain. Vividity’s shops are owned by individual merchants who define opening hours and days themselves but usually keep the shops open every day from dawn to afternoon.

Unlike City Center and Glowlight, Vividity’s street lights are rarely kept on during night but light from windows usually offer enough light to see around. Unlike days, nighttime in Vividity may be dangerous to individual travelers as there’s less watchmen’s routine walks around District 4.


District 4’s second main area is a business district. Differing from Vividity Hirefair mostly consists of different service providers and middle to upper class workers. Hirefair is probably the best place to find a maker for almost any job, from blacksmiths to architects and lawyers. As most of the services are centralized close to the City Center, buildings near city walls are mostly filled with living quarters for upper middle class. It’s considered quite safe and nice area to live due to it’s central location and services.

Despite Hirefair being neat and altogether good area, it’s one of the firsts to suffer greatly from unstabilities of economy. Prices for properties are high and time to time Hirefair empties as providers are forced to move to cheaper districts.

Mortaina Hospital

Mortaina, deronian state hospital is funded by the gov erment and built to help all deronian citizens. Mortaina is by far the largest and most advanced hospital of Skelbakh with all doctors trained in The Silvyn Academy. Although the doctors are obligated to treat everyone, the first aid goes always to the wealthy derons. There’s always a small fee to pay from getting treatment but the prize increases exponentially for other than derons.

The hospital is overall huge with three stories and multiple wings for different sections. It’s cold and menacing from inside out except for one wing which is reserved to the wealthy and powerful only and filled with high quality equipments. Behind the hospital is two maintenance buildings for staff’s living quarters and storage.


District 5

Considered the roughest district of Nebneiris District 5 is ruled by lower class and former criminals. Near Prison of Kalee are neighborhoods of Greedside and Furtherout and a minor square Beggar’s Market.

➤ Ruled by lower class and criminals. Aireys and valas aren’t uncommon sight but they and authorities are highly looked down on.



Being located in the immediate proximity of Prison of Kalee and far from most of the services, Greedside is considered to be the worst of all neighborhoods of Nebneiris. Greedside’s apartments are small with varying conditions and streets dark and dirty. On the other hand getting a roof to live under is cheap and can be afforded even by factory workers. As there’s little to no surveillance some of the buildings thought to be unoccupied are taken over by squatters.

Greedside is a place for people to try and start over after prison or escape from law and consequences. As only a few watchmen dare to even step on the territory of Greedside, it’s a home for illegal activity, criminals and gangs. Greedside contains countless speakeasies and taverns, probably most famous one being Gluttony and even red-light district. There’s only been a few raids during Greedside’s history which has made possible all the underground criminal communities and places.


Beggar’s Market

In the middle of District 5 is located it’s busiest area, Beggar’s Market. Like all of District 5, propaganda has affected Beggar’s Market’s public image. Although the name’s fitting, Beggar’s Market is quite communal and a popular meet up place for everyone living in District 5. Like rest of the district, Beggar’s Market is quite shabby and full of orphans pleading for food.

Even though seeing watchmen watching over the market is extremely unlikely, pick pocketing and thefts are almost rarer in Beggar’s Market than in Wolf Square. As District 5’s residents usually look after each other, getting caught of stealing from own community’s people is deprecated and will make living in District 5 a lot harder than it already is.


District 6

➤ Ruled by watchmen. Other’s than derons are an uncommon sight.


Prison and factories of Kalee

Watcher Block

Watcher Block has been named solely by the people who mostly inhabit it: watchmen. Almost all watchmen hired by the city are living in Watcher Block just because it provides extremely cheap housing. Even though their work is crucial for Nebneiris, they’re living in small one to two room apartments and anyone wishing to start a family has to move elsewhere, which may not always be possible due to the consirably low income. The two story buildings also host homes to other Nebneiris’ employers such as lawyers but it’s more uncommon.

Highend Gate

The minor gate out of Nebneiris is located directly behind Prison of Kalee. The prison’s close proximity makes the gate one of the most guarded places of all Nebneiris. Only law enforcements and high authorities are prohibited to go through Highend.