Before Amsirians plagued the land, the continent of Skelbakh was dominated by Aireys. Legend says that Skelbakh was once a green land with lush vegetation spread from coast to coast. It was a place of magick and wonder, where children of the land and the sea lived in peace and harmony.  Children of the sea might have referred to Aireys living along the coastline.

Neighbouring continent, Migdan, was home to Valas and Derons, two related species in constant war. The two had a common ancestor: The Amsir. According to historical texts, Amsirs started to divide into two species, when Talon Deron collected his followers and renounced the Amsirian religion around 3000 BCE. Talon’s supporters started to use his surname and lately it became the name of a whole new Amsirian race: Derons. Derons started to differ from the rest of the Amsirs, who now called themselves Valas. Derons had darker grey skin and black hair was increasingly commong amongst them. Valas believe that abandoning of the gods resulted in Deron’s grey skin and the black hair is a mark of Siaal, the manifestation of evil.

Aroun 100 BCE, Migdan’s wildlife was suffering as a result of Amsirian overpopulation. At some point, Valan expedition set sail, found Skelbakh and claimed it as their new home.

1st Era:

1st Era started as valas came ashore and introduced the counting of time. They built a new chronology system that suited the local environment better. Soon after Valas arrived, first members of the House Deron started to inhabit Skelbakh’s shores and other derons soon followed .

It seems that the first centuries were more or less peacefull between Amsirians and the native Aireys. At least there are no evidence of conflicts from the time. Valas and Derons quickly started to establish their own cities and cultures. Derons showed great interest in Aireys and their magick, Valas thought it to be Siaal’s work. Valas noticed the fertile lands of Skelbakh and started to import crop from Migdan. New fruits and grains flourished in Skelbakh’s warm environment. Soon, the first Valan empire was born: The city state of Aerialis. It was ruled by House Angal, one of the minor houses in Migdan. House Deron found their own nation and named it after themselves: Deronia.

2nd Era:

Thousand years after The Amsir first stepped on Skelbakh grounds, a civil war raged amongst The Amsir due to disagreements between ruling houses of Deron and Angal. The matron of house Angal, Adalia Angal had plotted to kill Talon Deron, the head of house Deron, and tried to usurp the full power over The Amsir Empire.
Civil war ended at The Battle of Daysir: Troups of Talon Deron and Adalia Angal battled for two days. Finally, an arrow killed Adalia and Talon triumphed. Supporters of Adalia were driven away and Talon started to rebuild a new empire. He renounced his faith and declared The Amsirs religion illegal. He also renounced his surname and gave it to be the name of his new empire.
Many didn’t agree with Talon and left to join the Angal supported and continued to respect the old ways. They also built a new empire and started to call themselves Valas.

3rd Era:

Talons and Valas were starting to part into their own races and hatred between them had only grown since the civil war.
Derons had stretched their empire to the coast and had started to build their third city into the stone. During excavations they found a rare crystal that would later be known as Nidarium.
Deronian scientists soon discovered that Nidarium radiated energy that could be harnessed similarily to Aireys’ magick.

Derons hid their precious source of energy and started to study and develope it.
There were several small wars in the 3rd Era, which has left Skelbakh littered with ruins.


4th Era:
There are muchs more detailed descriptions of the fourth era of Skelbakh. This era was likely just as violent as the eras before it, but evidences of older wars were crumbled to dust long ago.
The Siege of Nebneiris:
Valas had tried to find out about Derons secred energy source for centuries. Derons had developed an advanced knowledge of Nidariums power and learned to use it in many ways. They had vehicles and technology and were starting to study early robotics.

In the year 4556, Valan city states joined forces and started a war against derons in attempt to steal their Nidarium.
Valan general Caillan Liendan led the troops to the gates of Nebneiris and besieged the city for several months.

During the siege, a Deron named Silvyn Adera realized that Nidariums energy is actually magick, and it can be used with proper tools. Silvyn created a staff to channel Nidarium’s power and after months of studying, Silvyn realized that in order to work, the staff needed a special metal called cimson to work properly.
Before Deron reinforcements from Duxor arrived, Silvyn Adera was able to defeat the Valan forces with the first Amsirian spell: Ignite. He started a blaze, that killed thousands of Valan soldiers including Caillan Liendan. Survivors escaped into the safety of their cities.
Deronia rejoiced and declared Silvyn Adera as their king.
Silvyn Adera ruled from 4556 to 4562.
In 4562, he was assassinated by Angorwat, a Valan brotherhood of assassins. His death sparked a new war between Valas and Derons and it was called The Silvyn War.
The Silvyn War:
The Silvyn War lasted for four years and took a toll on not only Valas and Derons, but also on Aireys, who’s lands served as a battleground in the war. Many Aireys fleed to the mountains and stayed there even after the war.
Valas and Derons were equal in strenght and long war was getting hard on both of their homelands.
Finally, after four years of war, Valas and Derons made peace contract in 4566. Valas wouldn’t pursue Nidarium, but Derons had to give Valas some of their technology.
Derons agreed and shared some of their knowledge with Valas, giving them vehicles and simple magickal staffs.
Derons returned to their old administration system, but Silvyn Adera would be respected as a pioneer in Amsirian magick and was given a statue in his honor.
While Deronia rebuilt their cities in peace, Valan city states started to fight amongst themselves about the technology given to them. As the largest city and the leader of the army, Aerialis wanted to keep all of the given Nidarium to itself. Other city states, Menla and Ovanda, joined forces and marched to Aerialis, and so started The War of Vala.
The War of Vala:
Aerialis’ King, Avose Angal II, planned to not only win the war, but to ursurp the crown and become the sole ruler ov Valas. However, Menla and Ovanda were superior and Aerialis was defeated and Avose Angal II killed. Technology and Nidarium were shared evenly and the short, but bloody War of Vala was over. Avose’s son Avose Angall III acceded after the death of his father.
It’s told that Ovandas king, Danum Kadema, led the forces of Ovanda and Menla to victory, and stopped the war by killing Avose II.
The Destruction of Ovanda:
Ovanda was ruled by the house of Kadima. In 4568, Ovanda’s king and queen were Danum and Faerai Kadema. They had three daughters: Aulaigh, Sorai and Fayla.
In late 4568, the royal family were assassinated by Angorwat assassins, hired by Avose Angall III. Youngest princess Sorai was able to escape and went missing soon after the assassination. Avose III wanted to revenge his father and planned on destroying Ovanda permanently. After assassination of the royal family, Ovanda fell into chaos and Avose III marched his troops to Ovanda, besieging the city. Ovanda wasn’t prepared for a siege or battle and soon citisens started to starve. Avose III sieged the city for two years, until every one of Ovandan’s were dead. To make sure of it, Avose set the city on fire and left it to burn to the ground.
Legend says that Ovanda’s ruins burned for a year and 1 day.
Sorai Kadema was never heard from again.
The Slaver War:
After 300 years, Derons stirred the peace and attempted to seize The Great Forest and capture all Aireys as slaves in 4897. Derons had better weapons than Aireys, and in addition had vehicles and their own form of magick.
Aireys were unprepared and it seemed to be a short war not in Aireys favor.
But then all of the Aireys’ Monabs gathered to the sacred grove and casted a powerfull curse on Derons. At first, the curse went unnoticed, but in a few days, Feron soldiers started dropping to the ground in agony. Screams of pain filled the battleground, as Derons died a horrible and agonizing death.
The curse was a disease that caused severe abdominal pain and after hours of agony, led to shock and death. It’s victims simply died from shock caused by the horrible pain.
In just a week, Derons lost third of their population to the curse and surrendered.
Aireys demanded, that all Airey slaves were to be released and that no more Aireys were to be enslaved.
Derons had no choice, but to accept. Only then, Aireys lifted the curse and Deron survivor were left to survive without slaves being the backbone of Deronian Empire.
Majority of Airey slaves were released within days, but many slaves were kept in secred. Derons had studied the use on Nidarium for hundreds of years and developed new spells. One was for monitoring the appearance of living beings. The spell tapped into targets DNA and reformed it.
The remaining slaves were killed and their body parts were used to create a new race: Humans.
Humans were weaker in mind and in strength and so, were easier to control. From these first humans started a new generation of humans, purely bred for slavery.
First humans ever created were AT4M and EV4, also known as Atam and Eva.
Birth of Kadeiana:
Sorai Kadema survived her attempted assassination and continued the legacy of her house. After generations of hiding, Sorai’s offspring returns to the ruins of Ovanda after 400 years of it’s destruction. There they start to rebuild the city and a new city state is risen: Kadeiana.
Great Escape:
In 4987, a group of humans escaped from Duxor and  started the first human settlement.