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As a landlord we often forget that we may need tenant insurance. Don’t assume that you are never going to have any problems with your tenant. If you have partially furnished the accommodation you may want to insure these contents as people often damage belongings they don’t own. If your current tenant leaves and you want to re-let the apartment you may have to invest in new furnishings.

Tenant insurance can cover other items as well. Some policies provide cover in the event of your tenant not paying his or her rent. You may be able to find a policy offering protection against long periods when the property is empty although this type of cover can be expensive not to mention difficult to get.

It is not just landlords that need insurance. Your tenant should arrange their own personal insurance protecting their belongings. While the landlord is responsible for insuring the building he is usually not responsible for damage to tenant’s possessions unless proved negligent. For example if the landlord was aware the roof was leaking and did nothing about it they may have difficulty proving they are not responsible if the tenant property is subject to water damage.

The area of insurance can be quite complicated and you often find that some people are over insured which is a total waste of money. You will not be compensated from duplicate cover if you were to make a claim. The majority of us are under insured though and if we were to fall victim to a fire or other problem in our home we would soon find ourselves facing a large bill to replace our belongings. It is very important that you put the right coverage in place regardless of whether you are arranging a tenant insurance policy or one offering life and critical illness cover for the whole family. Get this sorted out today.

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